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We empower organizations to grow and protect their #1 asset: their people.
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Data Behind Everything
Data enables everyone to make informed, confident decisions. DreamTeam gives you valuable insights that back your inutition.
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Always Improving
We continuously develop our product in order to better serve your needs so you can focus on the 'Human' part of 'Human Resources'.
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People-First Experience
We promise to take care of your requests and bugs while proactively asking for feedback. Using DreamTeam should feel as good as petting an incredibly fluffy dog.
Our story
Scene: Open on Arnon and Asaf in a hotel room at an offsite for their previous employer. Arnon shakes his head.
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Arnon: We've spent how many hours interviewing so we can build out our teams?
Asaf: About...300 each? I don't know.
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Arnon: I'm not surprised. But if people are our number one asset as a company, why don't we have visibility into what's going on?
Asaf: It's a great question...like, why don't we know what's going on with the candidates? Why does it take so long to source? Who's our best source? Why do our offers get rejected?
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Arnon: If only we knew.

While this script isn't 100% accurate, Asaf and Arnon did leave that offsite with more questions than answers, and decided to take their work relationship to the next level: start-up co-founders.

Here's what they set out to do: Provide a clear picture of people management to all stakeholders so they can take confident, data-based decisions in order to grow and protect the core of their organization.

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