Melio expanded globally and tripled its workforce with DreamTeam
"DreamTeam has definitely impacted our growth because it impacts our way of operating as a talent acquisition team. It makes our life much easier."
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500+ Employees
New York, NY
The Challenge: Keep up with expansion goals without candidates slipping through the cracks
Even though Melio was established in 2018, they already boast over 500 Employees - 350 of whom were recruited in 2021 alone. Last year, Melio hired 5X more employees in NY than they did in 2020, doubled the amount in their Tel Aviv office, and opened a brand new office in Denver, already at nearly 50 employees. By the end of 2021, Melio became the payment company with the fastest growth rate in the US.
Tahel Roy, Head of Talent Acquisition at Melio, is no stranger to hypergrowth. Working at world-renowned companies such as, WeWork, and Lemonade, Tahel is well positioned to tackle the pace of growth that Melio is experiencing.
“DreamTeam really helps us to be more data-driven and to prioritize our day-to-day tasks as well as to understand the bigger picture”, said Tahel.
Since Melio is going through a period of unprecedented growth, they need to scale their team in order to keep up with the demand. They identified the need to make data driven decisions, but not let the data gathering process take up too much precious time.
“I have been in the field for 15 years, and I haven't found any good platforms that can help pull data from our ATS. I was looking for a proper and easy way to pull data to understand what is going on with processes, KPIs, etc. That was the main pain point: how can I pull data and reports within a click of a button?”
Melio tried creating an internal HR analytics tool. "It didn't work out well; every time I had a presentation, we had to call someone in the US that built it. We had questions about insights, and they didn't have time to speak with me or to change things."
Melio also identified a gap within their knowledge: They were struggling to identify specific candidates that had fallen through the cracks. They needed to help recruiters make sure that all candidates are responded to, and contacted within the expected time frame so they don't lose out on good talent.
The Solution: Instant Visibility for On-Target Growth
Increase in global hiring
Growth in NY office
Growth in Denver office
Melio's hiring efforts were complex - they needed to increase their growth significantly in two offices, and open a third. Melio created a customized dashboard to ensure that they were hitting their intended KPIs and maintaining their hiring pace. They then shared this with leadership. This allowed the leadership team to align themselves with the status of the initiative, and pinpoint specific areas of where the company needed to put more effort, all without a sync meeting.
DreamTeam enabled all the recruiters, across departments and international offices, to speak a common language: data. When Melio first onboarded with DreamTeam, they built custom templates for each use-case such as high level KPIs, monthly overviews, and more. This allowed each recruiter to duplicate and adjust the template by a specific job and department. Within 2 minutes, the recruiters had valuable insights, and the rest of the leadership and hiring managers were able to get visibility instantly.
Recruiters are now able to learn from each other. They adjust the templates and come across insights that they didn't think of looking at, but that provided a lot of value. They would then add those additional insights to the dashboards, and the cycle would continue with the next recruiter, resulting in a culture of continuous improvement and optimization.
"It's definitely changed and impacted the conversations that we had with them, and still have with them [Hiring managers]."
In order to prevent accidentally ghosting candidates, DreamTeam built the "My tasks" feature. This capability allowed Melio to highlight two important insights: Which candidates are waiting for an action for too long, and which have been in the entire process for too long. This allowed Melio to prioritize these candidates, and make sure that each candidate had a smooth hiring experience.
— The data presented is randomized and does not reflect the actual customer data
All of these capabilities were instrumental in expanding into new regions and growing their current offices. While each office has unique challenges, the lessons are often similar. By looking at the previous successes in Tel Aviv and New York, Melio is able to quantify where they were successful, and repeat it in Denver. No longer did each process need to reinvent the wheel.
Now, once they have enough traction and data in their new offices, they can do a retroactive comparison, such as "by this point in our hiring efforts for NY, we were at X number of candidates, while here, we're at Y." This analysis can help breakdown and highlight unique areas of focus that may not have been relevant previously.
DreamTeam has definitely impacted our growth because it impacts our way of operating as a talent acquisition team. It makes our life much easier.
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