Riskified aligned over 100 hiring managers through data with DreamTeam
"By connecting the hiring managers with the data, they have become true partners in the effort."
Eliraz Shor
Senior Analyst - People Analytics, Tools and Processes at Riskified
Fraud Management for eCommerce
750+ Employees
New York, NY
The Challenge: Lengthy reporting processes and inefficient meetings
Meet Eliraz Shor, Senior Analyst - People Analytics, Tools and Processes at Riskified. Eliraz has worked at the company for four years, and is responsible for managing all of the tools that the HR department uses. She is well-versed in implementing new tools and evaluating new products.
Riskified has been a data driven company from day one. Always understanding the need for data, Riskified chose their current ATS based on that strength: “We chose our current ATS due to its strong reporting capabilities, but people weren't actually using [those capabilities]. The recruitment team was struggling with pulling reports due to two reasons - it was too time consuming and unintuitive.”
As a result, the majority of their meetings were not data driven.
An analysis would take roughly 3 hours to do. Meaning that for weekly meetings, it was too time consuming to do an analysis. We only did an analysis for quarterly reviews, or if a large job had just been closed.
Eliraz mentioned their attempt to integrate their ATS with their internal BI tool, however not everything went according to plan. "I have been working with our BI team for over a year on connecting our ATS to Tableau and it was a very unsuccessful project. We were working on the API very rigorously. We were meeting twice a week to try to build it. It was very cumbersome."
Another pain that Eliraz discussed was the misalignment between the recruiters and the hiring managers. Before DreamTeam, it wasn't possible for the recruiters to create an analysis for each hiring manager meeting. It took too long, and wasn't sustainable. “Due to the time it used to take to do an analysis, none of our weekly/biweekly meetings with the hiring manager was based on any concrete data. One of the goals with DreamTeam was to create a common language between the recruiters and the hiring managers.”
Onboarding: Fastest adoption out of any HR platform
“I think the first time DreamTeam showed me what they were doing, I thought one dashboard on DreamTeam is worth a dozen screenshots from a dozen reports and I don't know how many hundreds of clicks. So from the first meeting, it was already very obvious to me that it really tackles the most difficult thing about our ATS reporting.”
Typically cautious of bringing in new tools due to low adoption, Eliraz pointed out “I always say that humanity doesn't always like changes or new things. But with DreamTeam, the adoption was incredible because it's so easy to use and it's really self explanatory. So I did a session with the recruiters and the next day they were using it on their own. I'm in charge of all the different tools and systems for HR users, and this was the fastest adoption of a tool that I have seen.”
“Now that we have DreamTeam, it makes reporting a weekly occurrence. Because it's so easy, they look at the data way more frequently - they are using it on a weekly basis. and that's the big win", Eliraz thought out loud.
The Solution: Efficient, data driven meetings
Eliraz quantified how many hiring manager syncs are now data driven, and what the impact of that is.
Within a couple of clicks, HR leaders saw that each recruiter is responsible for between 5 -10 job openings, meaning 5-10 hiring managers syncs.
— The data presented is randomized and does not reflect the actual customer data
Looking at the smallest amount (5) meetings on a bi-weekly basis, they calculated a minimum of 10 meetings a month per recruiter. For the 30 recruiters using the platform, that means that roughly 300 meetings a month are now data driven.
But how does that help? "One of the goals that we were able to achieve is to give the recruiter more authority and make them subject matter experts. Since the analysis time is 6x quicker, we now have the ability to bring data into meetings that would never previously be data focused. DreamTeam gives the recruiters more common language with managers and gives them more power in those meetings. Even more than that, by connecting the hiring managers with the data, they have become true partners in the effort. The data has connected the two teams, and created one hiring effort."
“I want to say that working with DreamTeam is one of my most enjoyable relationships that I have with a vendor - I feel like I've really been part of the company from the very beginning, They're super responsive, and open to my ideas - It's really a relationship that I value a lot.” According to Eliraz, adopting DreamTeam was not just a win for the recruiters and hiring managers:
For me personally, bringing DreamTeam to the company was one of the main successes for me, one of my biggest wins this past year.
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