Media.Monks blends multiple data points to acquire top talent
"DreamTeams’ customizable survey allows us to see what data misses: the candidates experience through the journey, and how it impacts our hiring efforts."
Katie Garibaldi
Talent Operations Specialist at Media.Monks
Marketing and advertising
6000+ Employees
Media.Monks is a digital-first marketing and advertising services company that connects content, data, digital media and technology services; produces websites, games, films, social media content, digital advertising campaigns, data and measurement solutions, and more.
Katie Garibaldi is a Talent Operations Specialist at Media.Monks. She joined in August 2021 and is tasked with multiple intense and complex initiatives. One of her primary responsibilities is data integrity and analysis.
The Challenge: blending multiple data points to acquire top talent
Katie set out to find a platform that can help with 2 main pains: decreasing the time it takes to build a report, and displaying the data in a more digestible manner. “I wanted to build a report that can help leadership understand the message in a second, to look at a bar graph and know it's improving, or it's declining. In a big spreadsheet, they have no idea. Most of the time we were manually building reports - it took too much time.”
We did a huge presentation last quarter - it took us an hour and a half to build a 30-page deck. Before DreamTeam, it would have taken us 3 days - and I'm not even exaggerating
“We stumbled on the Candidate Experience feature - it wasn’t in our original scope for DreamTeam - so we were building it out in Google Forms. But when we were playing around with DreamTeam and saw that the survey feature was there, we thought, this is amazing. This is exactly what we wanted and it's so nice that it is integrated through Greenhouse too because a lot of the platforms that we would have had to use would have been external. So it would have been a lot of guessing or automation with third-party platforms."
Solution: DreamTeam’s Candidate Experience Surveys
After the initial launch of the survey, DreamTeam received an email from Katie: “We deployed the surveys this morning, and have already gotten some responses - so insightful! Seriously, I’m geeking out about it, thank you!!!!!”
What was the root of the excitement? How was the Candidate Experience Survey providing so much value to Katie?
"The survey helps us understand where our pain points are in our recruiting process. We can determine if one region is getting a very low score and it's not because of one specific issue. It allows us to dive in and figure out. Are they narrowing it down and saying it's the specific team’s culture? Is it the timing? It’s given clarity on that."
"As amazing as data is, data is often very black and white. This allows some opinions to be taken into consideration which I like. It gets that gray area while still being black and white."
“For example, we're seeing a common theme of the response time being too long or the interview process being too long. We already had an inkling that this is too long, and that was some of the immediate feedback within six days. And so we went to the relevant people and said look, this isn't us just making this up. Here is an actual candidate review saying “Great process but took too long.” We had some of that stuff immediately to back up our claims and why our team is doing what we're doing.”
DreamTeam integrates with your ATS, making it automatically sync and send a survey to candidates once their process is finished. If that’s not enough, you have the flexibility to customize every aspect of the process; determine the questions, the department, office, or job that you would like to send the survey to. You can even set when you want the survey to be sent: after 3 days, 7, days, etc. Personalize the email that is sent with the survey - everything can be customized to build the perfect survey experience.
Along with customization; optimization is a fundamental advantage of DreamTeams’ candidate experience surveys.
The data overview and flexibility allows you to optimize for more responses, and most importantly, more insights. DreamTeam provides clear insights into the performance of each question - which is more responsive and which isn’t. It allows you to see the total conversion rate from surveys sent to surveys answered.
Media.Monks has effectively customized their surveys which has allowed them to optimize their response rate: “It's all about finding the sweet spot: Rather than sending it after 3 days, we’re going to test out sending the survey after 2 days - we want to see if this increases our response rate. We are also going to change the messaging in the original email - and hopefully have more people open the email in the first place.”
DreamTeam allows Katie and her team to enhance their understanding of the interview process. Now they have created clear goals, starting with highlighting their positive feedback "We've got a couple of positive responses and I like to celebrate the good job that they are doing. So we're pretty in tune with that. But as far as sharing, I don't share the data every day. I look at the data every day".
As amazing as data is, data is often very black and white. This allows some opinions to be taken into consideration which I like. It gets that gray area while still being black and white.
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