BlueVine reduced its recruitment analytics time by 83% with DreamTeam
"Now with DreamTeam, pulling data is like magic. You want something, you'll get it and it's very easy."
Ofra Valdman
Talent Acquisition Lead at BlueVine
Fintech, Online business banking
500+ Employees
Redwood City, California
The Challenge: Busy recruiters wasting hours on painstaking data collection
Ofra Valdman, a Talent Acquisition Lead at Bluevine, specifically understood the importance of recruiters working hand-in-hand with the hiring managers during their period of hypergrowth.
She decided for her team to have a bi-monthly meeting with the hiring managers to keep on track with hiring progress. However, these meetings presented some issues.
First, they were unable to find the right report in their ATS for these meetings. Since each recruiter is responsible for 10 different positions, with 5-6 different hiring managers on average, they had no spare time to build dashboards or reports from scratch for each meeting.
For example, if it would take 1 hour to prepare for each meeting, it would mean an average of 12 hours a month was spent on preparations for this meeting, and another 6 hours of meetings held on a monthly basis.
For Ofra, these 18 hours a month spent on or in preparation for these meetings were neither sustainable nor practical. Ultimately, it was taking significant time away from their main goal: reaching their hiring quota. It wasn't reasonable to request this from her team.
As a result, none of the conversations with the hiring managers were based on data. Ofra set out to tackle this issue: shorten the analytics gathering time significantly and make each meeting driven by data.
"The reports were not live reports - they didn't update automatically, meaning that for the management status meeting, every two weeks when I wanted to show the data, I needed to build the report from scratch every time”, explained Ofra.
At first, Ofra consulted with colleagues about our internal BI tool as a potential solution, but quickly realized it wasn't right for them. “From what I understood you need a specific person to help you because the interface is more difficult for people that are not that technical.” Ofra continued that this would need support of an analyst, and would require significant time to implement – time they were already short on.
The Solution: Instant answers for every meeting
"Because I wanted to make decisions based on data, I spent a lot of time digging into our ATS, pulling the data, and building my own dashboards. It took a lot of time. So I searched for a tool that can help. Exploring a Facebook community for our ATS, I came across DreamTeam, and decided to explore it."
“It saves a lot of time for me. For the management status meetings, I used to sit for 3 hours every two weeks just building a report. Every two weeks I would need to build the same report from scratch. Now I go into the meetings, it's very quick to prepare, because I built it once. Every meeting I add a report, or a new analysis that I want to show, in addition to the status report that I present - it's very easy to use, it's very user friendly. I can be prepared for any questions that management wants to ask me. I can show anything without digging too deep into our ATS. So it's a huge change for me."
“I don't need to prepare any new reports for each meeting - since it's updated live, I just need to review all the data, and add the additional insight that I want to discuss. It would take roughly 10 minutes for us to be fully prepared and go over all the data that is already built in the report. It's ten minutes of work. But every meeting there are specific things that we want to check, those insights, we will work on it a bit more deeply. For example, if you want to pull a report for withdrawn candidates we'll do a 15 minute preparation before, but the user experience is very good. It's very nice.
— The data presented is randomized and does not reflect the actual customer data
To summarize, Ofra described how an analysis that would previously take 2-3 hours, is now taking a maximum of 15 minutes. The most conservative approach makes that a reduction of 87.5% for all the analysis that she is conducting. Even more, she enjoys it! “We love working on DreamTeam. Pulling data isn't something that inconveniences us like it did before with our current ATS. With our ATS, just to go over the data was very heavy and took a lot of time. Now with DreamTeam, It's like magic. You want something, you'll get it and it's very easy.
“If there is anything that you don't have in DreamTeam, you can go to the support. They were very responsive to us. We implemented it very well here. We're very proud that we implemented this tool - relevant stakeholders are exposed to it. VP's, CTO's, the relevant stakeholders are exposed to this tool, and are very satisfied with the results. The data on DreamTeam is very clear - it's easy for me to understand and explain it.”
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