Get visual insights with our Candidate Experience platform
Easily build surveys for specific interview processes based on candidate filters. Automate sending based on ATS statuses. See all insights on a dashboard.
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candidate experience insights
candidate experience insights
Create surveys easily with our
Survey Builder
Easy to Use Interface
Drag & drop questions on your survey. Choose from a variety of question types like NPS, drop down, short text, and linear scale.
Create Surveys for Specific Processes
Customize Survey Settings
Personalize & Automate Emails
The dedicated candidate experience solution
Visualize & Share Results
Get value as soon as your first survey goes live. See results instantly on a dashboard. Share a live link with stakeholders for visibility and collaboration.
visualize and share results
Increase Response Rates
Know which questions get skipped most often. Optimize for higher response rates by rephrasing or deleting the question.
increase response rates
Get Granular
Filter answers to get different insights, such as comparing answers between hired and withdrawn candidates.
get granular
Automate via ATS data
Once your survey is activated, invites will be sent automatically according to the candidate’s status in your Applicant Tracking System, and the time frame you selected.
What will you learn from the results?
Insights about
every interview process
Insights about
the survey itself
Turn candidates into
brand advocates
Your candidates’ experiences are your employer brand. Now more than ever, it’s time to make sure your candidates are heard and that you improve the processes accordingly.
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